About Us

For the past 18 years we have spent countless hours collaborating with Balinese jewelers and artisans with cottage industries. These people have truly become our family as well as our partners in business.

While our passion for travel has never wavered, we’ve developed a deeper focus along our journeys. A mission: To share culture through art; to create a cross cultural experience and an understanding and sense of connection between folks ½ way around the world.

We don't make a distinction between our values and the way we practice our business. We hope to promote decision- making with awareness by providing a fair-trade option for consumers, and a grassroots proactive-ness that can help bridge the concept of an Earth wide revolution. We hope to contribute towards biodiversity and healthy social, economic, and environmental relationships amongst all cohabitants. We need to gain our independence from corporate domination and repression. We choose to act with consciousness.

Yours Truly,

A Wander Out Yonder